This site is a window to the world of Digital Audio, created by the UMW New Media Center. Here you will find articles under the broad category of video on our blog. All articles will link back to the original article on the New Media Center website. We also have a series of pages that constitutes our introductory audio tutorial. Here we talk about the Players, Recording, Digitizing, Editing, and Encoding.

Just like all digital technologies, digital audio is the representation of sound in digits, or ones and zeros. Digital Audio is not necessarily better than analog audio, just different. A digital representation of a sound is always the same, no matter how many times it’s copied. Audio CDs, wave (.wav) files on Windows machines, and .au or .aif files on Macintosh are common uncompressed formats.

The audio CD has been around for well over 30 years now, but relatively newer formats like MP3 and AAC are everywhere. Those files are created by importing audio CDs into programs like Windows Media Player or iTunes. They are compressed (smaller) versions of the original files.

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